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Charter for Grandchildren and contact from Petitions Committee of the National Assembly


Charter for Grandchildren and contact from  Petitions Committee of the National Assembly I have been contacted by the Petitions Committee of the National Assembly and been advised that the petition I submitted in 2009 for a Charter for Grandchildren has now been closed and is no longer under consideration. The reason I have been given is that events have overtaken the terms of the petition.

The petition in 2009 covered a lot of the improvements in Family Law that subsequently followed with different amendments and attitudes to children's paramount interests and in Family Court procedures.

I am convinced that had the need for a charter for children been accepted in 2009 it would have evolved as well and perhaps could have been incorporated in the Children Rights in Wales as a code of conduct to enforce what children themselves wanted and signed up for, to strengthen their positions and that of their parents and grandparents, children's agencies, organisations and the courts.

I am now in receipt of support for that charter as my comments about children, and my question asking, are they in a better place now than they were in 2009 has struck a cord with many of my social media friends.

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Prenuptial Agreement Information from The Law Commission


Dear Friends

I was pleased to hear in the news from the Law Commission that Prenuptial Agreements are to be made legally binding and it is my belief this has came about by the evolvement of marriage in our modern society.

The agreement will take all material assets into consideration but we have still a little way to go, to get to the stage where a child's contract is included in the agreement and to me that is more important than the assets.

I know this goes to people who are employed in law and in the political arena and I implore them to push this agreement just a little way forward to make sure it impasses benefits for children who should have their future assured to avoid the possibility of emotional torment in their lives.

I am sure this will have some way to go.

Best wishes


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