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BBC Breakfast Programme contact with Grandparents Apart Wales


This is a story for Xmas and it happened today.

The BBC Breakfast Programme telephoned Grandparents Apart Wales wanting to interview grandparents who will be denied access to their grandchildren over Xmas.

I gave them a grandmothers' contact details because I knew she would not mind her name being put forward as well as being a fantastic grandparent.

They wanted to lay on transport for her tomorrow to be interviewed, which would have suited her but the notice was too short to change her working commitments, for the church this Xmas.

This grandmother is the same as every other grandparent denied access to their grandchildren and the courts and the legal practitioners are not helping them. They just do not see the bigger picture at all but the politicians should..

I spoke to the producer explaining the plight of parents and grandparents being denied access is anguishing every single day of the year including Xmas and when presents are sent they never know if the children or grandchildren receive them.

There simply is no justification for such treatment of children in our modern civil society.

Grandparents have had promises of rights in law by governments over the years which we knew was unworkable and clearly not thought out but the fact children are being denied access to the people they love needs addressing.

The BBC have said they will contact us again and we hope they do but we do not wish sensationalism, just the truth shown on our screens of the facts that Family Courts which are held in secret for no applicable reason do not in the main help the advancement of children being denied access to the people they love.

I sincerely wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year knowing full well it will be heartbreaking to many of you regretfully.


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